Geocaching 101 with Jon Stanley

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Jon Stanley at a geocaching site in the canyons of Nevada.

The weekend of May 2nd, 2015 marks the 15th anniversary of the creation of Geocaching. In celebration of this milestone, Maxpedition had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Stanley—a renowned member of the community and staff. He is the Co-founder and Charter Vice-President of the Washington State Geocaching Association and has found over 14,000 caches! As an expert in the field and a longtime Maxpedition fan, Jon gave us the 411 on Geocaching and a look into his cache bag.

Can You Tell Us A Little About Yourself?

How Did You Get Involved in Geocaching?

Which Maxpedition products do you bring on your trip?

What are some of the features that make a Maxpedition Bag suitable for geocaching?

In Addition to Maxpedition gear, what else is inside your geocaching bag?

What makes a good geocache? Where was your favorite cache located?

Have you hidden any of your own geocache containers for others to find?

Any tips for a new geocacher?